Andrea Gardiner

Andrea Gardiner

Founder, Jelix Ventures

Andrea Gardiner is the founder and CEO of Jelix Ventures. Jelix invests its own funds in outstanding Australian startups and invites investors to invest on the same terms. Investors leverage our access to deal flow and expertise and we do the work for them, sourcing the deals, carrying out rigorous due diligence, negotiating sensible terms and providing ongoing investment support.

Andrea is passionate about providing more investors with access to the exciting, high return asset class of startups and is equally keen to encourage confidence and good investment strategy by providing education about risk mitigation strategies.  Andrea learned the importance of mitigating risk first as a world class climber and later as a lawyer and an investment banker at Lehman Brothers.

She sits on the boards of Stone & Chalk, home to 99 financial technology startups, tagSpace an innovative AR/VR platform powering social media, and Old Hundred, a US property management company.  

For the last 3 years she was a board member of Viostream, a video streaming software company. Andrea is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company directors.

Andrea has climbed all the big rock walls featured on the Apple screen saver.

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