David Tasker

David Tasker

Managing Director, Chapter One Advisors

David has extensive experience in public relations with a strong background in investor relations, media relations, government relations, sponsorship management and community liaison. He joined PPR, Australia’s largest integrated public relations company, in April 2004.

Since 2006 David has managed the Investor Relations division within PPR, as the National Director, Capital Markets. In this role he directly manages, where appropriate, national and international media relations, government relations and investor relations for a range of corporate clients.

David has overseen the growth of PPR’s engagement within the technology sector, including its investment in the hugely successful TechKnow Roadshow investor conference, held twice a year on the east coast of Australia, and the launch of the TechInvest Magazine, which identifies and promotes Australian technology companies, including start-ups, incubators, accelerators, entrepreneurs and listed companies.

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