Dominic Ong

Dominic Ong

Founder & Director of PlastiKing, Founder & Director of iMPowering

After a 13-year corporate career in Banking and Finance, Dominic founded iMPowering in December 2017 as a Growth consultancy for SME’s with a Personal Development arm for at-risk-youths, collaborating with the Armed for Life group. Within 6 months from launch, iMPowering has provided consulting services to various corporates, small businesses and Not-For-Profits that include the likes of Pioneer Credit, Laser Skin Care and RAW impact. Using Mixed Martial Arts as a discipline, he has delivered a message of identity, purpose and hope to thousands of children at various schools in Perth, Western Australia.

After a family trip to Bali Indonesia in July 2018, Dominic encountered 2 teenage backpackers from Europe picking up plastic from the beach. It was this encounter that revealed the truth and extent of the plastic pollution problem and a Vision came shortly after that would commit Dominic on a journey for Environmental Justice with Social Impact. PlastiKing was born shortly after in September 2018 as a Western Australian owned Pty Ltd company with a focus on solving one of the worlds’ biggest problems, plastic pollution.

A seasoned problem solver and strategist with a team that combines 40 years’ experience in Operations, Building and Construction, Engineering, Business Development, Marketing, Public Relations and Investments, the team’s first objective is to launch a ZERO impact sustainable end to end recycling facility in Bali Indonesia. We believe that all life and resources on Earth is significant. We believe it is our duty, to steward all that we have on Earth. We believe the solution will not be delivered by one organization, but through a community of like-minded people, with different talents and a heart to make a difference. Our children should not be responsible for the mess our generation has created. The question now is, what’s next?

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