Eleni Atsikbasis

Eleni Atsikbasis

Founder Healing Lesvos, Champion Avlaki, Greece Mission Blue Hope Spot

Eleni is an entrepreneur that brings together creatives, entrepreneurs, design thinkers and youth from across the globe to find sustainable solutions to join the NPO initiative she founded, Healing Lesvos.  By working together, this community’s key aim is to reboot, rebuild and rethink Lesvos, and restore the ongoing perception of the island while helping to manage the situation with locals and hosted communities.

Eleni is a producer with wide ranging experience in feature and documentary film production. She was in Australia before moving to Athens where she founded indie company Phos in 2000. Eleni has worked with filmmakers, broadcasters (incl. BBC, HBO, PBS and History Channel) and partner companies from more than 15 countries. She is a graduate of EAVE and Discovery Campus Masterschool. In 2009 Eleni founded Birds Bay, a boutique seaside holiday accommodation on the island of Lesvos.

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