Erick Miller

Erick Miller

Founder & CEO CoinCircle, Founder Hyperseed Ventures

Erick is currently the founding CEO at CoinCircle, a new blockchain startup with a bold vision to "tokenise the world." He's also a founding member of the UCLA Blockchain Lab, a collaborative community of blockchain advocates on a mission to advance the progress and development of blockchain technologies.

As an entrepreneur Erick has been in founding roles with a few startups, and two have had very successful exits. Erick's last startup, where he was the founder, CEO and the largest investor, pioneered smart glasses and was Snapchat's first acquisition.

As an investor Erick founded Hyperspeed Ventures, where he 11 ATTENDEES invests in the dreams of smart, bold entrepreneurs fixated on executing huge ideas that will make massive impacts in the world. Hyperspeed has made daring early bets in world changing startups for example, Quantum Computing, Genetic Editing, Space 2.0 Rocket / Satellites, and Electric Jet companies, just to name a few. 

Erick works hard every day to position himself at the precipice of new explosive waves of technological change and the massive new opportunities that emerge from them. He also has over 15+ years of software engineering and technology management experience. 

He has participated in the Artificial Intelligence computer science program at Stanford, the Venture Capital and PE program at Harvard, has an MBA from UCLA as well as a Masters in Business from the National University of Singapore. He's presented globally at a number of high profile tech events such as SXSW, SIGGRAPH, TEDxStanford, and has co-authored several globally published books.

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