Jason McFarlane

Jason McFarlane

Director Integration, Hub & Far Lane

Jason McFarlane is a passionate advocate for regional innovation and economic development.  He has spent for over a decade working with entrepreneurs, communities, and investors to deliver transformative projects and initiatives that deliver local benefit.

Through his current work as Director of Integration Hub, Jason is focused on linking scalable, commercial-ready innovations with communities and economies that validate solutions in real world settings. His work with FAR Lane focuses on delivering evidence-based analytics and strategy to support the investment decisions of governments, enterprises and communities.

Outside of his work, Jason serves on the Board of Pollinators, as well as acting as an informal advisor to a range of early stage ventures.  He is an advocate for combining meetings with a surf, and can often be found waging an unwinnable war with weeds in his vege garden.

Jason has an MBA (Cal State University East Bay), Bachelor of Science (UWA) and is a graduate, a Certificate in Strategic Foresight (University of Houston) and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

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