Jeff Hansen 

Jeff Hansen 

Managing Director, Sea Shepherd Australia Director, Sea Shepherd Global

Jeff joined Sea Shepherd in 2006 as a ground support volunteer in the Perth Chapter and his passion for direction action, marine conservation and the natural world was quickly noticed, as well as his understanding and respect of humanities' complete reliance on nature and biodiversity, in that our survival depends on it.

Jeff was subsequently invited to serve on board the MY Steve Irwin during Sea Shepherd’s 2007-2008 Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign called Operation Migaloo. His role as Quartermaster, based on the bridge, saw Jeff make a strategical which resulted in discovering the location of the centrepiece of the whaling fleet, the Nissan Marufactory vessel.  Upon returning from the campaign Sea Shepherd’s leader Captain Paul Watson offered Jeff the position of Australian Director. DuringOperation Migaloo the direct action by Sea Shepherd spared 500 whales from the harpoon - around half the whalers’ quota.

 The following year Jeff again served on board the MY Steve Irwin as Quartermaster during Operation Musashi where the Steve Irwin and crew survived a harrowing ordeal of being trapped in pack ice in the freezing waters of Antarctica. Again, Jeff was instrumental in locating theJapanese whaling vessel the Keiko Maru.As a direct result of the brave crew, dedicated volunteers and supporters around the world, 308 whales were saved.

 Jeff has run the operations of Sea Shepherd Australia as Managing Director through:

  • Seven Antarctic whale defence campaigns, resulting in over 6,000 whales saved.
  • Two patrols for six Interpol wanted Illegal Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) toothfish poachers, resulting in two  toothfish vessels sunk (one by its own captain and one by the Indonesian fisheries minister) and four vessels detained, 72 kilometres of illegal gillnet recovered from ocean and the worlds longest chase that lasted for 110 days and 11,000 nautical miles to bring the poachers to justice resulting in three years jail and 15 million euro in fines.
  • Government partnership Patrols off Liberia,  Gabon, Tanzania, Soa Tome and Timor Leste, that has resulted in the arrest of over 50 IUU vessels since 2016.
  • A patrol for six illegal Chinese driftnet poachers, resulting in all six vessels detained and captains charged and licenses cancelled.
  • Ongoing Shark campaigns in Australia, to date  resulting in stopping the Western Australia shark cull.
  • Successfully stopping the worlds biggest gas hub from going through the middle of the world’s biggest humpback whale nursery.

Sea Shepherd has been working with Governments and at times industry, to bring patrols, justice and enforcement for the oceans when there is none, as well as providing critical intel to Interpol. Jeff is a qualified Electronic and Computer Engineer (hons) and has a Diploma of Education, secondary and is the great nephew of Teddy Sheean, a famous World War II hero who served upon the HMAS Armidale. Teddy has a Collins class submarine named after him and there is a movement underway to get him a posthumous VC, which would be the first in Australian Naval history.

Born in Melbourne, but now living near Fremantle, Western Australia, Jeff likes diving, surfing, skiing, painting and keeping fit, having completed two Ironman Triathlons (one with a broken arm) and a number of marathons. He and his wife Marina are also wildlife rehabilitators, caring for sick and injured Bobtail lizards. Jeff is also a very proud dad of his little girl Abby, bornDecember 2010 and boy Beau born September 2013.


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