John Scott

John Scott

Founder and Director, Hero Products

Hi, my name is John, I am married to my wife Penny, we have two adult daughters that take after their mother, thankfully!

Over the years we have owned and run several businesses but none quite as exciting as our current business that is run together with my cousin Peter Oliver.

I’m the founder and a director of Hero Products and in particular the HERO Inflatable Rashie.

As a kid growing up in Western Australia our family would always spend our summer holidays (and winter) on our south coast beaches.

This often involved water skiing, body surfing, snorkelling and fishing from the shore as well as from a boat.

It’s pretty much the same for a lot of family’s here in the “Land Down Under” and for countless others around the world.

Unfortunately though, when there are water based activities there is also the risk of accidents that can claim lives.

This is where our HERO Inflatable Rash Shirt has a role to play, it is worn like any other rash shirt but the difference is that ours also doubles as a life jacket!

With our Inflatable rash shirt you can enjoy all water based activities and if you find yourself in trouble it can be quickly activated giving you buoyancy and peace of mind.

We’re excited with what we have created and believe it can help to make the water safer for everyone.

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