Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen

CEO and Founder, Subcon International

Matthew Allen

EMBA (UWA), BEng (NavArch), BTech (Marine)

Matthew is an engineer, entrepreneur and ocean philanthropist.  

He founded Subcon in Perth in 2011 and now employs over 50 people across four centres including Delft, Hong Kong, Singapore and Perth.  Subcon’s mission is to provide marine habitat solutions to engineers and developers of coastal infrastructure that enhance and create productive marine ecosystems.  Local examples include the Coogee Marina, Perth Metropolitan FishTowers and the Exmouth Integrated Artificial Reef.  

Subcon has delivered a total of 15 reef enhancement and restoration projects in Australia and Internationally.  They’re a great example of successful partnering between scientists and engineers in the delivery of coastal infrastructure.  By taking an “offshore engineering” approach to habitat creation they have delivered 50% larger artificial reefs, whilst increasing the supported biomass/m3 and providing solutions to coastal erosion and marine habitat loss.  They have also made a valuable contribution to the science of habitat restoration.

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