Peter Oliver

Peter Oliver

Director, Hero Products.

I am Peter Oliver, a director of Hero Products.

I was born and raised in sunny Perth on the West Coast of Australia.  As a natural lover of the water and the beach, I have chosen to live my life and raise a family where I can experience these on a daily basis.

I spent 20 years working as a professional Fire Fighter where I rescued people from fires, saved lives and attended and assisted in road accidents.

In my spare time, my family and I have been active participants in Dragon Boat Racing in Australian, Asian and Pacific Island regattas. It was during one of the festivals that I noticed that many of the competitors, and my friends, had very limited swimming ability. Not long after this my cousin John spoke to me about helping him launch the Hero Inflatable Rashie. My first thoughts were back to the Dragon Boat competitors and their safety.

I am excited to be involved in bringing the Hero Rashie to market and providing a solution that will contribute to saving lives. While we may never know how many lives were saved because people chose to wear our HERO, I will know that I was part of a team who created a product which was responsible for saving those lives.

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