Ruth Hatherley

Ruth Hatherley

Founder & CEO, Moneycatcha

Ruth has more than two decades experience in the financial services sector, with stints at the Commonwealth Bank and Mortgage Choice.

She started Moneycatcha with the aim of developing world-first technology to revolutionise how financial institutions assess risk and originate loans.

Today, its patent-protected solutions hold exciting potential not only for banks, but for industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail and many more - as Moneycatcha has developed an industry agnostic, platform agnostic answer to address pain points facing many of these businesses (of all sizes).

Moneycatcha's digital platforms, Homechain and Regchain, use blockchain technology to deliver improvements in speed, security and compliance for financial institutions and consumers. HSBC Australia was one of the first to embrace its risk review blockchain tool, Regchain.

Ruth regularly presents at seminars to help educate the industry and share learnings about the exciting potential of these new technologies. She was recently named as Australia's 100 Women of Influence by Qantas and The Australian Financial Review.

Moneycatcha is already winning awards for its technology, including Compliance Innovator of the Year 2018 by Fintech Business and Startup Business of the Year 2018 by Business Newsto name a few.

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