Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson

Emerging Threats - Business Development for Asia Pacific Proofpoint Inc.

Steve Gibson manages business development and eco-system building in the Asia Pacific region for the Threat Intelligence portfolio at Proofpoint, Inc. the Sunnyvale California based market leader in the email security space.  Emerging Threats was acquired by Proofpoint in 2015 and has integrated its ETPro ruleset and Threat Intelligence Data into dozens of the industry leading cyber-security platforms, IDS/IPS,  NextGen Firewalls, SIEMs and network appliances.  

He has been in sales, business development and alliances roles starting in the early days of Local Area Networking and TCP/IP development.  He was part of early stage companies leading the commercialization of the Internet including ComDesign, CMC, Datability, Spider Software, Efficient Networks and Zeitnet each culminating in a successful acquisition.  

He was part of the strategic development team in the VeriSign digital certificate business prior to its sale to Symantec and lead business development for Cenzic prior to its acquisition by Trustwave.  His background in Enterprise Search and Big Data brought him to Verity where he built channels and OEM partnerships throughout Asia prior to the acquisition of Verity by Autonomy which became part of HP Enterprise where he built the OEM Business for Big Data.  

He lead a team of kite boarders in three separate expeditions to the shark infested Farallon Islands west of San Francisco.  After two life-threatening failures they we successful in  circumnavigating the Farallon Islands on their 3rd attempt.

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