Tomicah Tillemann

Tomicah Tillemann

Chairman of the Board | Governance & Regulatory Engagement Committee, Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)

Tomicah Tillemann is a leader in the fields of social finance and civic innovation. He serves as director of the Bretton Woods II program at New America. He and his team work with large asset owners to reduce risk and volatility through strategic investments in social impact and development. He is also cofounder of the Blockchain Trust Accelerator and a member of the advisory board of the BitFury Group, a leading provider of Blockchain infrastructure. He works with the firm to harness Blockchain technology for governance and social impact applications.

Between 2010 and 2014, Tillemann served under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as the secretary of state's senior advisor for civil society and emerging democracies. Tillemann led a team of experts that operated like venture capitalists in translating promising ideas and technologies into successful foreign policy. He also established and chaired the State Department's Global Philanthropy Working Group and the State Department's Federal Advisory Committee on civil society.

Tillemann joined the State Department in 2009 as Secretary Clinton's speechwriter and collaborated with her on over 200 speeches. Previously, he spent four years on the professional staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as an advisor to Chairmen Joe Biden and John Kerry. Tillemann’s other professional experience includes work with the White House, five U.S. Senate and congressional campaigns, Reuters New Media, and the World Bank.

Tillemann is a co-holder of four patents. He has helped launch and lead numerous civil society organizations and foundations. He received his B.A. magna cum laude from Yale University and holds a Ph.D. with distinction from the School for Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University (SAIS). He has lectured at Yale and Princeton and testified repeatedly before Congress. He is a frequent keynote speaker and guest on media outlets including the BBC and public radio.

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