Presented by the Global Blockchain Business Council
Wednesday 5th December 2018
Frasers State Reception Centre, Perth

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Ben Cooper

Managing Director, Tricky Jigsaw

Bill Tai

VC, Board Member Bitfury Group, Founder ACTAI, Co-Founder West Tech Fest & XTC

Bridie Ohlsson

Blockchain Project Lead, AgriDigital

George Samman

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consultant

Gigi Brisson

Partner - Attractor Ventures; Founder & CEO - Ocean Elders

Jemma Green

Chair and Co-Founder Power Ledger

Jim Newsome

Founding Partner Delta Strategy Group, Former Chairman, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Joanna Catalano


Leigh Travers

CEO DigitalX, Vice Chairman Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA)

Mariana Dahan

Founder and CEO, World Identity Network

Mercina Tillemann

Chief Operating Officer of the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)

Michael Casey

Senior Advisor, MIT Media Lab's Digital Currency Initiative

Ruth Hatherley

Founder & CEO, Moneycatcha

Sandra Ro

Chief Executive Officer, Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)

Tomicah Tillemann

Chairman of the Board GBBC, Director Bretton Woods II program at New America, Cofounder of the Blockchain Trust Accelerator, Board Member BitFury Group

Trent Wheeler

Following the extraordinary success of the Global Blockchain Business Council's (GBBC) Blockchain Central at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the signature event series is now heading to West Tech Fest.
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